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Rosetta Stone – Set Up Account & Get the Mobile App

1. Set Up Account:

  • Using a web browser, go to BCPL’s full website ( 
  • Mobile device users: tap this link > ( < and it should open it for you in your browser. If you get a dialog box asking if you want to "use BCPL’s Mobile website", tap "NO" or "Cancel" to force it to go to BCPL's full website. If you cannot get the full website on your device then you may need to use a computer to set up your account.
  • Select the Books and More tab.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Research Databases
  • Scroll down and select Rosetta Stone.
  • As long as you are in the state of Maryland, you should see a screen like the one below, then select the Rosetta Stone Library Solution link. 


  • Enter your full email address in the Username field, and enter a Password in the second field. The password must be at least 6 letters plus at least one number, for a total of at least seven characters. Type the password in carefully and make note of it, you will need it to log in later.  Choose the language you want to learn and click the Sign In button (as shown below). 


  • Once the account is created, you should see another screen (like the one below).  Click the link, Launch Rosetta Stone Language Lessons Version 3.
  • Be sure to select the exact same language on both screens, otherwise you will get an error message.
  • If you have a mobile device then you need to click the Sign Out button (as shown below) to log out of your account before installing the app (Step 2).


  1. Get the app for Android, Apple iOS (iPad/iPhone) or Kindle Fire Mobile Devices:
  • Once your account has been set up using BCPL’s website/Rosetta portal, go to the app store on the device and install the app. The app’s title is, Learning Languages with Rosetta Stone, but it should come up by typing Rosetta Stone.
  • Do not open or use the app after installing but proceed to step 3 first.
  1. To use Rosetta Stone (via the web or the app):
  • Open a web browser or mobile browser and go back to BCPL’s website ( 
  • Select the Books and More tab.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Research Databases.
  • Scroll down and select Rosetta Stone.
  • Select the Rosetta Stone Library Solution link as shown in the first image above.
  • Log into your account, as detailed in Step 1.
  • Mobile device users, once you log in, tap the Launch Rosetta Stone Languages link. You may see a pop-up dialog box that says, "Open this in Languages?". Tap the OPEN button and that should take you to the Rosetta Stone app where you can get started learning a language.
  • Mobile device users must install the app, you cannot access the lessons via a mobile web browser.  However, you cannot log into the app but must first complete the steps above (i.e. log into your Rosetta account via BCPL's website/Rosetta portal using a full web browser, then the app should launch). If you log out of the Rosetta website, or your session times out, then you will need to log into the website again to access the Rosetta app.