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A recent article gave somewhat misleading information about obtaining solar eclipse viewing glasses from libraries.  These glasses were awarded to BCPL through a grant and are to be distributed at our eclipse-related events and programs on the day of the eclipse only.  We do not have a supply of glasses to give out to the public.

If you would care to attend an eclipse-related library program where the glasses will be available to use, please visit the BCPL Events calendar web page and follow the steps below to find locations and times for the programs:

  • Find the Keyword box on left side of page and type in the word "Solar".
  • If is is not already checked, be sure to check mark "ALL LOCATIONS" (to see all the locations of this program). Or you can check only the BCPL branch or branches you want.
  • Make sure "ALL EVENT TYPES" and "ALL AGE GROUPS" are also checked.
  • Click the FIND button, below the ALL AGE GROUPS filter.
  • Look in the middle of the page, where it says JULY 2017 and click on "Aug." or "Next" to change the month to August 2017.
  • Look at August 21 and there you will see all the Solar Eclipse programs at BCPL that day. Hover over, or click on each one, to find out location and time of program.
  • Please note some of these programs require registration which is noted in the details of each program. If registration is required, it begins one week prior to the program, on August 14. You can register online beginning at 9 am on 8/14 or by calling the branch where the program is located after they open at 9 AM. The "Register" button will not appear in the online calendar until the morning of Aug. 14. You can also select the "Remind Me" button to get a reminder about the program.

For more information on solar eclipse viewing glasses, see the American Astronomical Society's Solar Filters & Viewers web page.


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  1. Thank you BCPL for posting this information! I was told second-hand that the library was giving away the glasses and I am so glad you clarified that it was for day-of only and for your event parties. You saved me an unnecessary trip!
    by Andy on Aug 16, 2017.