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The quickest ways to search:

If you know the title or the author, you can quickly search the catalog by entering either title or author in the long Search for box above the rotating features on our home page. Make sure that the catalog button on the right is marked. Click the Go! button. 

You can also type a word or words using the Catalog Search ( link found in the first column of the Find Materials area of our home page under the BCPL logo.

If you want a specific format, click the arrow symbol in the Limit by: box, and select an option from the list. Example: If you want to find only DVDs, select DVD in the Limit by list.

You can also indicate that the words you are searching should appear only in the title, as a subject, or as the author, etc. by clicking the arrow symbol in the Search by: box when the option appears.

• If the search is successful, you see your search results. Using the drop down arrow under Sort by:  box at the top of the list of search results, you can sort your search results, for example by publication date, by author and then publication date, etc.

• If no matches are found, you see a message. You may also see a Did you mean suggestion. You can click the suggestion to search for the suggested term.

Note that you can further refine your search results or do related searches, by clicking a Narrow or Related option listed on the right side of the search result page

There are other advanced ways of searching the catalog as well.

The different ways of searching the catalog are listed and linked directly to the catalog from the first column of the Find Materials area of our home page under the BCPL logo. For a description of when these types of searches are useful and for help in doing these more specific types of searches, please review the information under the Library Catalog column in the Get Help area of our home page under the BCPL banner.