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Links to our online databases are found under the Research Databases and Tools section in the Find Info area of the home page at   When the dropdown menu appears, click either Databases by Subject: or if you want an alphabetical list of all databases available, select Databases A to Z :

Next, click on the database title you want to search. In Databases A to Z, clicking on the + symbol before the title will give you a brief description of the database.

If working from home, work or school, you will need to enter your BCPL library card number (without any spaces) and your password (originally set to be the last 4 digits of the phone number as it appears in your BCPL library account).

Information about getting a BCPL library card (see and a password (see about passwords)

If you have a library card from another Maryland public library, that card must be registered with BCPL (See
See a list of our branches and their hours and locations at

Out-of-state residents, please see Can I still get a BCPL library card if I live out of state? at from our Card and Catalog Help page in the Library Catalog column of the Get Help area of our home page to find out more

If you have any difficulties connecting to the database, please see our Troubleshooting Databases link at in the Find Info area of our home page under Research Databases and Tools.  If you are trying to use a database from a school or work computer and cannot change the security settings as directed, you will need to speak to your Network Administrator or Tech Support Department for assistance in making these changes. 

The Troubleshooting Page is also available in the Frequently Requested Info section of the Get Help area of our home page.