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Lost items should be reported to any BCPL branch (Hours, phone number:  Phone menu: press 3 for library accounts) to stop any additional late fees from accumulating. The status of such items will then appear in your account as lost.

Items which are 32 days overdue are automatically assumed by the library to have been lost by the customer. At that point, a “Lost” status will be reflected in the customer’s account. For items declared lost but later found and returned to the library, customers are charged overdue fees.

For each lost item, the replacement cost of items, a $4.00 processing fees and overdue fees accrued until item is reported lost will be charged.  The fees for lost items may be paid online with a charge card (Visa or MasterCard) or at any branch with a charge card, cash, or by check.

If the item that was thought to be "lost" is returned, the customer is responsible for the "overdue" or late fees to date of return for that item (up to the maximum extended loan/late fee amount).

The replacement cost for lost material will be refunded if the item is returned to the library within six months of the date of payment.  The item must be accompanied by the payment receipt. Overdue fees and the processing fee are not refunded.

No refunds are given for damaged or lost material that were borrowed for the customer from another Maryland academic or out-of-state library, (OCLC Interlibrary Loan).

Replacement Cost for lost library materials:

The library does not accept substitute materials to replace damaged or lost items.

Replacement costs for most damaged/lost or missing materials vary and depend on the purchase price of the item. Some items, such as cases or library cards, do not vary in their replacement cost. Standard replacement costs for these types of items are listed below.

  • Baby Booster Kits: damaged or lost book $5, damaged or lost adult resource book, DVD or CD $15, damaged or lost knapsack $10; entire kit $115
  • Barcode lost or damaged: $1
  • Book Club Kits: damaged or lost book $5, damaged or lost carry bag $40, entire large (12 book) kit $100, entire small (8 book) kit $80
  • Booklets or printed materials accompanying a CD, DVD, Playaway, Playaway Views or video game: $2
  • Cases, bags, or  binders such as CD, DVD, ILLs, Playaway, Playaway View, Playaway Launchpad or video game: $2
  • Chromebooks- Cost for damaged or missing parts: Charger: $30; Device: $386; Case: $17; All (device, charger and case): $433
  • Comic Book (excluding graphic novels): $3 replacement charge, $2 processing fee, accrued late fee
  • Dust jacket: $4
  • Engraver: $10
  • Magazines: replacement cost of issue, $2 processing fee, accrued late fee
  • Marina Interlibrary Loan items: $25 plus accrued late fees and $4 processing fee
  • OCLC Interlibrary Loan from Maryland academic and out-of-state libraries are set by the owning library. The $4 processing fee and accrued late fees apply
  • Playaway Launchpads: $149 for a damaged or lost device and $20 for a damaged or lost charger
  • Playaway Locks Cost for damaged or lost parts: Charger: $20; Device: $179; Sleeve: $17; All (device, charger, sleeve): $216
  • Playaway Views: $100 for a damaged or lost viewer and $20 for a damaged or lost charger or power cord
  • RFID (radio-frequency identification tag) lost or damaged: $1