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All our branches have DVD collections. DVDs are included in our catalog by title, artist, etc. Enter the title or artist in the Seach for: box above the rotating feature and below the BCPL banner on our home page and below the BCPL banner on each of our web pages.

To search our catalog for all DVDs or specific types such as "tv series" only:

1. Click on the Find Materials area at the top of our home page below the BCPL banner and then the Catalog Search link in the first column.

2. Using the drop down arrow under Limit by: ALL FORMATS, select the DVD format of your choice, for example, DVD: TV Series. Then click the Go button.

3. Use the Sort by: drop down arrow to further sort your results, perhaps by publication date.

Check out the newest DVD releases on the library's Hot Titles page link at in the middle column of the Find Materials area of our home page under the BCPL banner. These new titles can be requested while "on order ".

For the special DVD loan periods, fees for "overdue" or late DVDs, etc., see the Fees and Loan Periods link at in the Frequently Requested Info column of the Get Help area of our home page under the BCPL banner.

Please read the special DVD policies and procedures for borrowing, requesting, renewing and returning our DVDs found at on our Policies and Procedures page under the Services/Policies column of the Get Help area of our home page.