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We offer two online language learning courses, Mango Languages and Rosetta Stone.

  •  Mango Languages, teaches conversation skills for over 71 different languages as well as English as a Second Language for speakers of 19 languages.. Each Basic course "teaches simple, practical skills for common, polite conversation situations in only a few short hours." The Complete course "teaches in-depth and comprehensive language and grammar skills. The Guest Access button takes you to the available languages and you can start learning immediately. If you want to keep a record of your progress as you learn a language, you will need to create a free Mango account. Otherwise, your progress is erased when you log out of your session. If you choose to create an account, enter your email address and create a password. Passwords for Mango must be at least 6 characters long or longer.
  • Rosetta Stone helps you master a new language through this online language learning lessons designed to build reading, writing, speaking, and listening skill in 30 languages. Enter your email address and password, choose the language you want to learn and sign in. You’re ready to learn a new language. The My Reports keeps track of your progress. To log into Rosetta Stone you need to log into your library account, then create a Rosetta Stone account (email and password). Rosetta Stone passwords must be at 7 characters long or longer and must contain least 6 letters and at least one number.

How to access Mango Languages and Rosetta Stone from our home page...

Click on the Find Info tab at the top of our home page a drop-down menu will appear.

Click on Databases A-Z at or Databases by Subject at  Select the subject Languages ( )

Next click on the Mango Languages or Rosetta Stone button.

If working from home, work or school, enter your BCPL library card number (without any spaces) and your password (originally set to be the last 4 digits of the phone number as it appears in your BCPL library account).

Important information on How to set up a Rosetta Stone account and/or get it on a mobile device?

Please see our Troubleshooting Databases page. ( if you have difficulty with access.

Baltimore County Public Library also has books, CDs and some DVDs for learning other languages. The Availability button under each title lets you know which branch currently has a copy available to check out.  A request can be placed ( on any title using your Baltimore County Public Library card and it can be sent to your designated pickup branch