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Light refreshments may be served if the room is left in an orderly condition and normal operations of the library are not affected.  This includes, but is not limited to beverages, box lunches, sandwiches, and continental breakfast items.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed.  Catered meals are not acceptable. Open fire, including the use of candles, sterno or other portable food warming fuels is not permitted in the meeting rooms. 

Containers are available for trash, and we ask that all trash be discarded.  If the provided receptacles will not hold all trash, your group must make provisions to remove the remaining trash from the building.  The group using the room afterward expects the room to be orderly. 

Janitorial services are not available during the meeting.

Should you need any assistance from library staff before, during, or after the event, please go to the Information Desk and ask to speak with the on-duty manager.

If additional clarification is needed, please contact the Meeting Room department at 410-887-6109, or email us at