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For Adults, ages 18 years and older:

You must have a current photo ID to get a library card.

  • List of IDs accepted:
    MVA issued ID [examples include Driver's Licenses, State Issued ID]
    Government-issued ID [examples include Passport, Military ID, Department of Correction Photo ID]
    Employer issued ID
    School issued photo IDs [examples include public school, private school, college/university]
    Bank-issued photo IDs [examples include Credit an Debit cards]
    Shelter Photo IDs
  • List of IDs not accepted:
    Club cards [examples include Costco, BJs and SAMS Club
    Check cashing cards

Information on how a child age 17 and under can get a library card.

For children in group homes, verification of identity and address by the staff of the home is acceptable.