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In order to check out and download cloudLibrary titles on an Android device, you will need a BCPL registered library card in good standing. You can check out up to ten titles and place holds on up to ten titles at a time. The loan period for cloudLibrary titles is 21 days.

First, install the cloudLibrary app …

Go to the Google Play store on your device and search for “cloudLibrary”. Tap “Install” and “Open” to launch the app. You may be prompted to enter your Gmail account information.


 How to Get Free eBooks Onto Your Android Device…


Open the cloudLibrary app on your device and log in with your library card number and library PIN. Usernames do not work with cloudLibrary, use your card number instead. Be sure to enter your card number without any spaces between the numbers. If you are not sure of your PIN, try the last 4 digits of the phone number you gave the library.                                                                                                              

Tap the “Search” icon to find titles. It defaults to FEATURED. Tap the ALL tab (towards the top of screen) to browse all titles or enter a title, author or keyword in the Search bar at the very top of the screen.

Tap on a title and then tap the “BORROW” button to check it out or tap the Hold button to place a hold.

Tap “My Books” to see your borrowed titles. To see holds, after tapping “My Books”, tap “Holds”.

If you have used BCPL's cloudLibrary website or the library’s catalog to check out Cloud Library titles, then simply open the app on your device, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi, and the borrowed titles should appear under “My  Books”.

To open and read (or listen to) a book, tap "My Books" and then tap the Read or Listen button.


 Reading in the App...

Tap once in the middle of a page to reveal a toolbar along the top of  the screen with text resizing tool, bookmarks, search tool, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Tap the 'Aa' icon to adjust text size. Tap the Close button in the upper left corner to close and exit a title. 

Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner to see a list of chapters. 


 Returning and Renewing...  

Titles will return themselves when the loan expires or you can return them early. 

The loan period for cloudLibrary titles is 21 days.

To return titles before they are due, tap “My Books” then tap the “Return” button. This can be useful if you have reached your limit of ten titles and need to return one in order to check out an additional title.

If no holds are pending on a title, a Renew button will appear under the title 3 days before the loan expires.

You can have a total of ten CloudLibrary holds and ten CloudLibrary loans at any one time.