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You will need your library card number and library PIN/password to log in. 

See the videos linked below for directions. 

Accessing The New York Times at Your Library

Accessing The New York Times at Home

Or follow the written steps below steps. 

Start at BCPL's home page at (

Select the Books and More tab and a list will drop down.

Select Digital Library or Research Databases from there scroll down the list and select the New York Times (NYT) link. Or you can use this link to get to BCPL's NYT page

At that point, you should be on a page that says, "Enjoy Free Access to" and there will be 2 links below that look like this:

  • Access from inside the library
  • Access from outside the library

Select the Access from outside the library link if you are not at a BCPL branch. 

Now you will land on the library account login screen where you will sign in with your card number and library PIN/password. 

You should be redirected to NYT page that says, "Redeem your code for digital access to The New York Times". Click the REDEEM button and you will be prompted to "Log in or create a New York Times account". NOTE: The code expires every 3 days (72 hours) and at that time, you must go through the library's website to get a new code and log into your NYT account.  

New Users: If you have not created a NYT account yet, enter an email address then a password. (If you already have a NYT account skip to the next paragraph). You should be sent to a page that says, "Stay updated with topics you care about with newsletters. Select any emailed newsletters you want or ignore this (uncheck anything that may be checked) if you don't want to receive any newsletters. Click the SAVE AND CONTINUE button at the bottom of that page. You will be sent to a page that says, "Get the App..."  If are using a mobile device and you want the NYT mobile app then follow the prompts to get it. If you are using a computer and/or you don't want the app then ignore that and select "Start reading The Times." which is a very small link at the bottom of that page. 

Already have a NYT account? After logging into your library account and then your NYT account, look towards the bottom of the page and click the Continue button. You may be prompted to "set up" your account by selecting if you want email newsletters from NYT. Uncheck all the boxes if you don't want these. For the 3 days following redeeming a new code, if you are using the same device and web browser, you should be able to go directly to the NYT website ( and it should allow you access without logging in. If you go back through the library's website before your 3 days (72 hours) have expired you may see a screen that says, "It looks like you are already a subscriber." but with no obvious way to get to the NYT content. To get past this page, click on The New York Times logo/mast head at the top of the page and then you should be able to read the NYT. Once your 3 days are past, if you go to the NYT site, it will block you from logging in and at that point you must return to BCPL's website, go through BCPL's NYT page again. If you are reading via the mobile app, you should not have to log into the app more than once however, the code expires every 72 hours and you must go through the library's website, log into your library account and log into your NYT account to get a new access code. Once you get a new code, wait a few minutes before opening the NYT mobile app. It should allow you access shortly after you log in through BCPL's website.

If you see an ad in the NYT app or on the web site asking you sign up and pay for a subscription, be sure you have logged into your library account and also into your NYT account via BCPL's Research Databases page or Digital Library page within the last 72 hours. If you go back through the library's site before your 72 hours / 3 days have expired, you may see a screen that says, "It looks like you are already a subscriber." To get past this page, click on The New York Times logo/mast head at the top of the page and you should be able to read the newspaper. If the problems persists then try the steps below based on what kind of device the issue is happening on.

Computer users:
Try checking your web browser for updates, or try using a different (up-to-date) web browser. If that does not solve the problem, you might also try clearing your web browser's cache. Then try to access NYT via BCPL's Research Databases page again. Lastly, try the "Access from inside the library link" even if you are not inside a library. 

Mobile App users:
If you can log into your NYT account via BCPL's NYT page and have done so within the last 72 hours but the problem persists on the mobile app, try changing your device's connection from wi-fi to cellular or vice versa. If that does not resolve it, try closing all your open apps, power off your device for a few minutes, power back on, make sure you are connected to wi-fi (if possible) and try the NYT app again.