Last Updated: Jun 16, 2020     Views: 429

Changing your lending period on the OverDrive website for ALL checkouts:

  • Log in to
  • Go to My Account
  • Go to Settings
  • The first item is lending periods. This will change lending periods for all FUTURE checkouts. It will not change existing checkouts. 

Changing Lending Period Per Checkout

  • Upon borrowing a book, on the check out page, there is a drop down that allows you to choose a checkout length.

Changing Checkout Length in Libby

  • Libby checkout length can also be set on a per title basis and is set on the checkout screen. 
  • If you change your loan length setting in the OverDrive app, it will be set the same on Libby by default.
  • Upon borrowing a book, you can change the loan length before clicking borrow on the checkout screen.