Last Updated: Jul 10, 2020     Views: 82

Due dates for Cloud Library and OverDrive ebooks are sometimes different when I look at my library account versus when I look in the Cloud Library, OverDrive or Libby apps or their respective websites. 

There can be two things that cause this. One is your library account (which is run by the Polaris system) and the ebook platform (Cloud Library and OverDrive systems) sometimes get disconnected. If that happens it can take a day or two to get back in sync. And if your device gets disconnected from WiFi or your cellular network then the two systems will not be synced up until you reconnect to a network, and refresh your browser or app, or log out and log back in again. 

Another reason is because the two systems calculate due dates very differently. Cloud Library and OverDrive calculate the due date to the exact minute an item is due but your library account gives you until 11:59 pm to return all items (or have them expire, in the case of ebooks) on the day it is due. The book should expire on the date and time as shown in . But your library account can't show a due date down to the hour or minute. So it shows you have the whole day, just as it does for all other library materials, such as print books. Then after midnight each day the system updates. 

Use the CL app and/or website for checking due dates for ebooks. Your library account should catch up to what you are seeing in Cloud Library. If your due dates are off by more than a day for more than a day or two then you may have a connectivity problem. Try logging out of your library account and log back in, or refresh your browser (F5), or clear your web browser's cache.