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Register for a library account online but read the information below first. You will find the link to register for an e-card at the end.  

Things to Know About BCPL's e-Cards and Online Registration:

  • When you register for a library account online, you are technically registering for an account or e-card. The library does not send you a physical library card. You must record the account number when it appears on your screen and keep up with it. 

  • You should have a chance to enter what you want your password to be. It should be between 4 and 16 characters long and can be any combo of numbers and letters but no special characters. Be sure to write it down and keep it in a safe place. 

  • Be sure to give an email address when you register or else you won't be able to reset your password should you ever forget it. 

  • Do not add any email address in the Alt. E-mail Address field.  At this time there is a bug that won't let you reset your password if you do. Leave the ALT email field blank!   

  • The e-card account number should display on your screen at the end of the registration process. VERY IMPORTANT, you must write down the account number as soon as it appears on your screen and keep up with or memorize it. The library doesn't send you a card or email you the number and there is no way for you to recover it without the help of library staff.  Your e-card number will start with the letters PACREG then will have a series of numbers afterwards. 

  • When you log into OverDrive, Cloud Library or your library account, include the letters PACREG plus the numbers that follow it. This is your e-card number.   

E-cards/PACREG numbers can be used to access:

  • OverDrive digital titles (e-books and e-audiobooks) but only if you are accessing via one of the OverDrive apps or the OverDrive website.  

  • Cloud Library digital titles (e-books and e-audiobooks) but only if you are accessing via one of the Cloud Library apps or the Cloud Library website.  

  • Kanopy streaming videos.

  • BCPL's research databases.

  • Your online library account and with the library's online catalog, which can be used to place holds on all physical library materials (print books, CD's, DVD's, Playaways, Chromebooks, etc.). 

E-cards/PACREG numbers cannot be used with the library's online catalog to get digital titles (ebooks, audiobooks, e-magazines or streaming videos). You can see e-book titles in the catalog but cannot place holds or check out e-books with an e-card (PACREG number) using the library's catalog. You must use the app or website for each digital service. 


Visit this link to fill out BCPL's online registration form and get an e-card (PACREG account)

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Your e-card number will appear on your screen at the end of the registration. You MUST write it down and keep up with it. The e-card number will start with the letters PACREG then will have a series of numbers afterwards. 


For a list of all BCPL's digital collections (OverDrive, Cloud Library, and Kanopy streaming videos) and links to get the apps, see our Digital Library page ( 

Mobile Devices (Apple/iOS, Android and Kindle Fire):
If you plan to read ebooks or listen to audiobooks on a mobile device, you will need to install one of the apps -- Cloud Library, Libby or OverDrive, which can be found on the Digital Library page
 or by searching your app store. 

If you need help, see the links below.

Cloud Library Help (

Libby App (by OverDrive) Help: (

OverDrive Help: (  

Or email us for help using this link ( 

If you need assistance installing apps or using digital titles, you may schedule a Virtual MyLibrarian appointment.