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The most common hold statuses you will see in your account are:

  • Active–An item that will satisfy this request is owned by BCPL. This also includes On Order items.
  • Canceled–Request that has been canceled by staff or by the customer. This hold can be reactivated for 45 days. Position in the queue is maintained when reactivated.
  • Pending–Item/titles is available to fill a request. These items must be pulled from the shelves and checked in to fill the hold.
  • Shipped–An item has been trapped at a branch other than the pick-up branch, and has been shipped to the requesting branch.
  • Held–An item has been checked in at the pick-up branch, and is available for the customer to pick-up.

There are some other statuses but are infrequently seen. If you have additional questions, please contact the library.