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You will need your BCPL library card number and PIN/password to access the database. There are two ways to access the Baltimore Sun newspaper using BCPL's online databases. The easiest way is via the PressReader database.  The other is via ProQuest: Current and Historic Newspapers database. Directions to access both are below. 

  • Start by going to BCPL's home page at
  • Select the Books and More tab.
  • Select Research Databases
  • Look in the left panel, in the Database Categories section, and select Subject.
  • A menu should open or drop down.
  • Click in the small box to check mark Newspapers and Magazines.



  • Scroll to the end of the results list and select ProQuest: Current and Historic Newspapers. NOTE: this is text based only, there are no pictures or images in ProQuest Current Newspapers. There are some images/phots in the Historic Newspapers.
  • You should be prompted to log into your library account at this point. NOTE: to speed up the login process we can/you can create a Username for him to log in with instead of having to type out the 14 digit card number. And/or you can set the web browser to remember his login info. Let me know if you need help with this. 
  • After entering the library account login information, you should land on the ProQuest Newspapers database main page.
  • Select "Change Databases".


  • Then click in the "Select All" box to uncheck or deselect all the databases.


  • Now select the database you want.
  • For content from 1990 to present, select "Baltimore Sun (1990 - current)".
  • Or for content from 1837 to 1996, select "ProQuest Historical Newspapers - Baltimore Sun (1837-1996)". 
  • Click the "Use selected databases" button.
  • Click "Publications" (as shown below). 

  • Click the small link to "The Baltimore Sun" or "The Sun (1837-)". 

  • All the articles in that database should be listed, starting with those from the most current edition. 
  • Click on any article title to open it.
  • You can use the date filters to narrow the results down to a shorter time range as shown below.