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First check in your Amazon account > under Account & Lists > Content & Devices. If the title is there, deliver it to your Kindle device using the "Deliver to" button.  

If the title is not there, then see the reasons and suggestions below.

  • Your web browser may be set to block pop up windows/tabs. When using the library's catalog/website or the library's OverDrive website, and selecting the Kindle format, it should send you to the Amazon site. But if you have your browser set to block pop-up windows (a good security measure) then nothing will happen and the book will not be sent to your Amazon account, as it should. You can temporarily allow pop-ups or always allow them from the library's website and/or from the OverDrive site
  • Be sure your Kindle is on a Wi-Fi network. You can't download library books on your Kindle's cellular connection, it must be on Wi-Fi. 
  • A weak Wi-Fi connection could have caused this process to get interrupted. Move closer to your router.