Last Updated: Sep 09, 2020     Views: 377

If you are not reaching a database when you click on the link from the library’s Research Databases page, it is possible that something on your computer is blocking our proxy server, which authenticates you as a cardholder. 


If you haven’t had problems with this in the past, it could be that the proxy server was temporarily unavailable. Please try again and also try a different web browser. If it works in a different web browser, try checking for updates to the other browser or clear that web browser's cache.


The problem could also be something in your computer’s security software set-up was updated (either by you or automatically) and is interfering with access to the proxy server. If you have security software (such as Norton or McAfee) then try disabling that software temporarily and try to access the database again. If you can get into the database while your security software is disabled, then you may need to add the database's domain name to your security software's trusted list.   

If you continue to have problems or have questions, submit your question through the Ask A Question form and be sure to provide details such as the text of any error messages received, the steps you’ve taken, your name, email address, and your BCPL Library card number.