Last Updated: Nov 13, 2016     Views: 198

The My Account tab is still located as a tab on the right under the BCPL logo banner. 

Occasionally customers have reported this. Usually they have changed the text size within their browser  from a medium size to a larger or largest text size which pushes the My Account and Get Help tabs off the screen.

What you can do is the following:

Go into the VIEW menu (in Internet Explorer) and set the TEXT SIZE to MEDIUM. If the text on the screen is too small for you  to see use the CTRL and + key (or go to VIEW > click on Zoom and then Zoom IN or you can select 125% and that will allow you to still view the My Account tab).  This should make the text large enough to read but not so large that it pushes those tabs off your screen. The VIEW > TEXT SIZE and VIEW > ZOOM IN functions operate independently of one another and so you have to check both of these and adjust accordingly.