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BCPL does not have tutors. However, here are some possibilities for finding review classes or tutors:

1.    Baltimore County Public Library provides free online live tutoring through Brainfuse ( ) for students grades K through adult learners. It is available from home, work or school from the Baltimore County Public Library home page under Research Databases and Tools - Homework. All you need is a valid library card registered at the Baltimore County Public Library.

Choose Live Tutoring to chat with a tutor from 2 p.m. - 11:55 p.m., 7 days a week. Spanish-speaking tutors are available.

Choose live SkillSurfer, if you need help learning a specific skill or subject, such as mastering long division or improving your reading comprehension, beginning or organizing an essay/research paper.

Register for a free, confidential Log In. No personal information is needed. Create a username and password for access to several other services

Send Question is available during the hours that live tutors are not available, students can submit questions and will receive a response within 24 hours.

24-Hour Writing Lab: Submit a file with your paragraph, essay, paper or resume/cover letter for review by a writing instructor. The paper is returned with comments on structure, grammar, style and content. The purpose of this service is not for the writing instructor to write or edit essays or resumes but to help you better organize and present your thoughts.

For adult learners there is the Adult Learning Center  : Receive live online help from trained adult education specialists in areas such as the U.S. Citizenship testing, passing the GED, resume and cover letter writing assistance, and learning MS Word, Excel, Power Point.  You can take practice tests and review the results of those tests online with a tutor.

SkillSurfer:  Find practice tests for SAT, Advanced Placement (AP), TOEFL, GED and for specific subject areas. Receive instant, skill-by-skill results.

FlashBulb:Find flashcards on many subjects to study or create your own.

You will also have password-protected access to your past tutoring sessions that you can play back, archive, and review.

2.    The Community College of Baltimore County hosts classes to brush up on math and reading skills. These are usually held on each of their 3 campus locations and occasionally in other community locations throughout Baltimore County. The classes are listed under Adult Basic Education - Essential Skills (ABE)

3.     You might contact your nearest college (CCBC- Essex, Dundalk and Catonsville Campuses, Towson University, University of Maryland Baltimore County) and see if you can post a request for a tutor.

4.    Contact an area high school.

Future Educators of America or National Honor Society students may be willing to tutor. Students who need to complete Student Service Learning hours may be available. Try the other contacts on the Baltimore County Public Schools list of tutoring resources [PDF]

5.    You might also try Craigslist for Baltimore  (Note: Be careful when you enter he URL a typo could take you to a less then desirable site)

In the search box on the left enter the word tutor, or the area of specific need such as math or pre algebra, reading comprehension, reading tutor, English or ESL, etc and select “services”. You will get a list of people offering to do tutoring. While the list shows where they live many may be willing to travel throughout the Baltimore area.

6.    A basic search of our catalog will give you books and DVDs on many subjects. For example,

-Basic arithmetic:







Remember that we did not sort or limit this material by age so there is certain to be a lot of "too young" material on this list. Also remember that the first link for each category will include ALL materials including books, DVDs, or downloadable books in some cases.

7.    Dyslexia Tutoring Program (
Based in Baltimore, the program teaches low-income children and adults throughout Maryland who are dyslexic or have a language-based learning difference to read through tutoring by volunteers trained in The Orton-Gillingham Method of Reading, Writing, and Spelling.