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Yes, the Cloud Library will work with the following eReaders: Nook and Kobo, and some Sony eReaders.

If you're using an older NOOK tablet, like a NOOK Color or Tablet, you must use them as an eReader,  Ebooks only can be read on non-tablet, non-Wifi Nooks and Kobo eReaders.

  1. You must first download the 3M app for Windows or for MAC to your computer. These application have the ability to transfer content to a personal e-reader.  See this tip sheet [PDF] for details about using the Windows PC app
  2. Set Adobe authorization: An Adobe authorization box will come up (occasionally, a user only sees this the first time a book is checked out).  If you have used Adobe Digital Editions (a free software to use library ebooks) on your computer in the past, your computer already has an Adobe ID set.  3M Cloud Library will see this, and want to use it.  Confirm.  If you have not used Adobe Digital Editions in the past, create an Adobe ID  and enter it in the authorization box.

    Note: It is important that the computer and the e-reader have both been activated with the same Adobe ID account.. If these are different you will see a message that these are different. Changing the account if you already have books on the device will prevent you from opening some of the books.Click 'watch video' to view a video.
  3. You will use of 3M's app for WIndows or Mac to download the ebook to the computer
  4. Using a USB cable, connect your device to your computer and transfer the book to the eReader.. When you connect it and go to the My Books tab in the Cloud Library App, you will see a green button appear on each book you have checked out that says “Transfer to Device”. Click this green button to transfer a copy of the book to your e-reader.  See the tip sheet [PDF] for details. See this tip sheet [PDF] for additional details about using the Windows PC app and transferring titles .