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Please try the steps below, which are specifically for Apple/iOS devices but the steps for Androids are very similar.

1.) Close all open apps. Even though apps may look closed, they are not completely closed unless you follow the steps below. Restarting your device will not close your open (running in the background) apps.

• Press at the bottom of your screen briefly, then swipe up. For older iOS devices with a Home button, double-press the Home button.
This shows your 'Recents list' (a list of open apps running in the background).
• Swipe each one up and off the screen to close all your apps.

2.) Power off your device fully for at least one minute, then power back on.

3.) Check and test your Wi-Fi Connection by tapping "Settings" and make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you are not, tap Wi-Fi and then select a network. Now test to make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi by tapping this URL: and it should open in your web browser. Once the web page fully loads you will know you have a good Wi-Fi connection. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT! While you can use Cloud Library or OverDrive on your cellular connection (data plan), Wi-Fi is usually more stable and therefore is better for troubleshooting issues like this.

Check to see if your device's software is up to date. For iPad/iPhone, this can be found in the device's "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update".

5.) If the app still malfunctions, delete the app, power off the device fully for at least one minute, power back on and then reinstall it from your app store. If you have the app on more than one device, delete it from all devices first. Then reinstall it on all devices. Then log into each app on each device making sure to log in with the same library card number and, if using CloudLibrary, the same library PIN. 

If that does not solve the problem contact us using our Downloadable Support form. Be sure to answer all the questions on the form, if possible.