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The library will not send you a standard (physical) library card. You must write down and keep up with your e-card number. If you want a standard card, please visit one of BCPL's branches and bring your photo ID to obtain one.

Important Things to Know about BCPL's e-Cards

When you log in, be sure to enter all the numbers and letters without any spaces between them. The letters (PACREG) can entered as all upper case or all lower case. To get e-books with an e-card you will need to install one of the mobile apps on a mobile device or use one of our e-book websites (Libby/OverDrive or CloudLibrary).

E-card/PACREG numbers cannot be used with the library's online catalog to get e-books:

  • You can search and find e-book titles using BCPL's online catalog but cannot place holds or check out e-books with an e-card (PACREG number). To get e-books with your e-card, you must use one of the mobile apps (Cloud Library or Libby/OverDrive) or one of the websites for CloudLibrary, Libby/OverDrive. More information and links to access these are included below. If you go into a branch, you can replace your e-card with a standard (physical) library card. Then you would be able to use the standard (physical) card to get e-books using any of the library's platforms, including BCPL's online catalog. 

E-card/PACREG numbers can be used to access:

  • Libby/OverDrive digital titles (e-books, e-audiobooks and e-magazines) but only with the Libby (by OverDrive) mobile app or the Libby or OverDrive websites. Be sure to log in with your card number, not your username (if you have created one). Libby/OverDrive does not require you to enter your PIN/password.

  • Cloud Library digital titles (e-books and e-audiobooks) but only with the Cloud Library app or the Cloud Library website. Usernames do not work with CloudLibrary, use only your e-card number and library PIN/password to log into CloudLibrary. If you are not sure of your PIN let me know and I can assist you with that.

Apple/iOS and Android Mobile Devices:
If you plan to read e-books or listen to audiobooks on a mobile device, you will need to install one of the mobile apps -- Libby or Cloud Library, which can be found on the Digital Library page or by searching your app store. 

Kindle Fire Tablet: 
Libby and CloudLibrary offer apps for Fire but they are not in the Amazon app store, you must use the links below.  

Libby App for Fire

CloudLibrary App for Fire

Kindle eReaders (Paperwhite, Oasis, etc):
If you have a Kindle eReader, you can only use Kindle formatted e-books so you must use Libby/OverDrive. CloudLibrary does not have the Kindle format. To g
et Kindle e-books, install the Libby app on an Apple iOS or Android device and set the reading preference to "Read with Kindle". Or use the Libby website or  the OverDrive website to borrow Kindle e-books. Once borrowed from one of those websites, the Kindle book is sent to your Amazon account (Amazon site) where you will deliver it to your Kindle eReader. 

See the following help menus if you need help with Libby/OverDrive or Cloud Library, or contact the library by filling out our Downloadable Support Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.